De-Fish Boot

De-Fish Boot was designed by a taxidermist that knew there had to be a better way of fish removal than stepping on the fish, kicking it or using the side of a fish house! De-Fish Boot will help maintain the skins on bigger fish that you may want to put on the wall. Not damage as much meat and also if you are allergic to fish keep you and your clothing from coming in contact with the fluids.
Simply slide spear with fish in between the 2 hooked shaped rods and gently pull up till fish is dislodged from spear!
De Fish Boot is easy to assemble, just put the square tubing over the tubing located on the front part of the boot shaped plate with the hooks of the rods facing out away from you and your good to go.

De Fish Boot is also looking for dealers who would be interested in selling for us.
Please call or text us at 320-393-2825!

De-Fish Boot is the last piece of equipment a spearfisherman will ever need!

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$39.95 (Shipped to your door)
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